Good Morning Campers!

Caroline Kennedy is Miss AugustMiss August is Caroline Kennedy – who just loves to bask in the sun and soak up all the British Summer has to offer.  She never sunbathes completely naked though. Being a canny Lancashire lass, Caroline knows you need to keep your wellies on to save soaking up the mud in the sodden fields, thanks to the British sodding weather!

Hywel Jones is Mr AugustMr August, on the other hand, likes to make hay whilst the sun shines.  In fact Hywel is so busy at this time of year he barely has time to get dressed for work.

A quick health check from the local vet!And if he’s feeling a bit under the weather, there’s no time to get down to the doctors surgery.  Instead he has local vet Moyna Richie (Miss May) drop in to give him a quick health check!

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