Miss February

Elen Griffiths - Miss FebruaryWho will win the Battle of the Bums?

First there was an anonymous tennis player in the famous seventies Athena poster. Then there was the one of Anna Kournikova. Even Kylie got in on the act!

But we reckon the cheekiest of them all is our own Miss February, Elen Griffiths.

Elen, who turns twenty-one on the 18thof this month, plays hockey for Bangor University where she is studying Leisure and Tourism. She also keeps in shape by riding and swimming.

Cast your vote!kylies-bumanna0011The original Tennis Girl poster

Here are the previous bum photos that inspired our Miss February shot.

From left to right: The Athena Poster, Anna Kournikova, and Kylie.

Use the Comments form to let us know who gets YOUR vote.

Mr February

Mr February Dylan Jones…is Poetry in Motion

Yes, that’s our Mr February – even though this particular Dylan is a Jones and not a Thomas!

And even old Valentino himself had nothing on Clawddnewydd’s Valentine’s Day pin-up. Because on February 14th – and every other day of the year too for that matter – the earth always moves when Dylan is at the “controls”!

If work gets slack during these credit-crunch days, we’re certain this contractor with the “cheeky chappie smile” could get plenty of work doing people’s gardens. After all the Naked Cleaners seem to be in great demand!

From the Dark Side (of the camera)

We appologise for the lens flare on this picture!Paparazzi

It seems the paparazzi got to hear of Dylan’s photo shoot in a field on the edge of the village – for just when it seemed it was safe to go “Eau Natural” out popped a certain camerawoman with an eye on the prize!

We apologise for the lens flare on this picture caused by Caroline’s Flash!

Strictly more ball-roomStrictly…

We further apologise as we interrupt this item to bring you an update on the latest contestants in the “Strictly More Ball-Room” contest!

4 Responses to “February”

  1. Caroline & Dylan says:

    we’ll start the ball rolling… Elen wins without a doubt!!!

  2. Sharon Jones says:

    another month and 2 new faces…bums and all that….everyone deserves a clap…Dylan is up on the office wall today, seems to have the theme going with work…sure that the lads in the office will turn it on Ellen soon though…!!

  3. Julie Kelly says:

    Ian thinks Elen, but i (Julie) thinks Dylan.

  4. Graiine Spencer (carolines sister) says:

    family loyalties sees dylan winning but the lads think different maybe should have bought two

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