Nigel is Mr January

Mr January

Nigel, mine host at the Glan Llyn Inn, voted by …erm  …by himself, I think,  as the best dressed landlord in Clawddnewyd.  Nigel insists he will never be seen without a tie on such formal occasions.

In fact during Nigel’s photo shoot he very nearly wasn’t able to appear completely naked at all.  Only a few days earlier he had broken his arm during an arm-wrestling contest at the pub.

Luckily, it was the type of break that didn’t need a plaster-cast.  He could still pull pints – but not, apparently, dress himself!   That’ll teach you to take on Mr April Nigel!

01-miss-janMiss January

Tonya Jellico,  the lovely Miss January, on the other hand must have been doing a little bit of arm wrestling herself recently.  Just recently Tonya came clean with the news she and husband Dan are to become proud parents for the first time.

Dan is Mr March and can be seen on the calendar holding his rod in the village pond.

Tales from the dark side (of the camera!)


“Sorry Tonya, I’ve got to have my drum back”

“Oh No Julie!  Can’t you wait until my smalls are dry?!”

One Response to “January”

  1. Pauline Evison says:

    Dan has now prooved that his rod can be in the right position – though not necessarily in the village pond!!!!!!

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