Eryl Williams is Mr JulyAll twenty-four of the participants in the calendar were such good sports, and none more so than Mr July, Eryl Williams.

The only councillor in the village, Eryl shares his time between his council duties and running his hill farm above Clawddnewydd. With a huge personality and a sense of humour to match, Eryl is rarely seen without a smile on his face.

Eryl promotes the new Animal Feedstuff SLIM!Mind you, he did shake a fist when the photographer suggested he should be holding a bucket of animal feed.  Well how was I to know they didn’t make feed pellets called Slim!!

Miss July Helen CoppackMiss July, Helen Coppack works at the Treweryn White Water Rafting Centre but didn’t fancy posing at the water’s edge on a cold autumn day.  So she brought along some suitable props for her photo shoot in the studio.

dscf07182We had already shot some of the other pictures that day and Miss January stayed behind to offer moral support.

By that we mean: “trust Tonya to stick her oar in”!

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