… is bustin’ out all over
All over the meader and the hill
– tra la la!

Dawn Ashcroft is our very own Miss June

Only in this case the “hill” is above Clawddnewydd and the “meader” is a field.

In fact it is The Field. For the celebrated magaine of that name has chosen our own Miss June to publish in this month’s issue, giving publicity in a national circulation countryside magazine to the fantastic efforts of everyone involved in the Charity Calendar Project.

dscf0777Now then… As everyone knows by now, it is the custom here to show an out-take or two from the calendar shoot.

In this picture the lovely Dawn Ashcroft was still adjusting her flaming red locks and shouting: “Hey – Don’t take it yet – I’m not behind the door!


But I did promise not to publish it.


Ah well. Perhaps Dawn will forgive me if I tell you that she and her partner Darren run The Flower Allotment and that they do some very neat and artistic things with flowers and slate. Their website is well worth a visit.

18-mr-juneAnd so: what of our

Mr June?

What can I say?

Such a shy and retiring character, Meirion is never happier than when he is making the earth move with his huge vibrating jack-hammer!

dscf9060He is so shy and retiring, in fact, that he emerged from the improvised “changing room” for his photo shoot with a large piece of material wrapped around his waist.

…Erm. Not quite large enough, young Meirion.

Ah well, at least it made Jayne’s day. Meirion hadn’t realised she was sitting in the car getting quite an eyeful!

2 Responses to “June”

  1. Sharon Williams says:

    nice one Chris….i hoped that picture was going to be published!!!!!

  2. Chris Birchall says:

    Well it’s good to see Mei putting on a… erm… “Brave Face”

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