Dan Jellico is Mr MarchMr March

Rod in hand, Dan Jellico is always fishing for a compliment.

Some home truths from TonyaOf course, he should have known better than to ask the lady who knows more about his tackle than any other.

For his wife Tonya (the lovely Miss January) left him reeling when she uttered that dreaded word – tiddler!

Undeterred, he spun her a line or two, hoping she would rise to the bait.

When she did, he lost no time in netting his catch.

And Tonya proved once and for all that she really is the “fisherman’s freind” by announcing that the couple are expecting their first baby!

Eirian Jones is Clawddnewydd's Lady GodivaMiss March

…is our very own “Lady Godiva” Eirian Jones.

Reluctant at first

Accustomed to riding through Clawddnewydd with all the correct safety gear, Eirian was reluctant at first to do so wearing no more than a smile.

dscf0815In fact it took more than a little (not so) gentle pursuasion from Dawn (Miss June) and Catrin (Miss November) to get her to disrobe.

It was, of course, all in good fun.

In fact, so much fun that it took ages before Eirian’s horse stopped laughing long enough for us to get the calendar picture in the bag!

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