30 Days hath September…

You can always count on an accountant to come up with the right figures.

And we reckon Miss September Mandy Pickering fullfills that criterior just perfectly!

Mandy works as a freelance accountent so her laptop goes everywhere with her – even when she accounting for the number of bales in the hay barn!

dscf0331Just in case you’re wondering, the shot was actually taken in the studio and the blue background was replaced by the barn scene in post-production.

The bale Mandy was sitting on was real enough – as was her reluctance to disrobe!  Luckily Miss August, Caroline Kennedy, was on hand to strip her of her assets!


Mr September

is lorry driver Ronnie.

dscf0943Unfortunately, on the day of the shoot one of his bosses came around to do a health and safely check.
Ronnie failed miserably. Apparently he wasn’t wearing the right kind of boots!

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